CM-PRW Clean Films Recycle Pelletizer


  • Automatic Feeding and storage of materials.
  • Shredder equips motor current which feed into raw material evenly.
  • Automatic conveying saves labor costs.
  • The CM-PRW gives efficient pre-cutting, pre-heating, mixing, drying air, extruding and cutting simultaneously.
  • The shredding drum has an air cooling system and temperature stable.
  • Recycling clean materials: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP/EVA (Not including PVC).
  • Recycling Shape of Materials: Films (Shopping bags), Fibers/Yarn/Non-woven, plastic rope, soft Eva Resin.


Model Driving Motor (HP) Screw Diameter (mm) L/D of Screw Output* (kg/hr) Add
CM-PRW 85 60 85 36 (VENT TYPE) 120 - 220
CM-PRW 100 100 100 36 (VENT TYPE) 180 - 380
CM-PRW 120 125 120 36 (TIPO DE VENTILACIÓN) 200 - 500



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