Continent provides the following two kinds of machines for plastic dyeing:

1. CM-PRA/HP High Output Compounding & Coloring Single Extruder (Single Screw)

  • Special screw design gives high dispersion, kneading, and mixing in double output.
  • Barrel equips vacuum venting system can withdraw the gas from melting resin.
  • Continent’s self produced gear box equips force lubrication oil system and high grinding gears for longer life using.
  • Suitable materials : ABS, PP , PE, ABS/PC, PBT, PA.

2. CM-MTE Co Rotating T win Screw Extruder

  • Screw elements can be arranged for different resin characters.
  • Twin screw is co rotating. Resin result excellent quality through high share in dispersion and mixing.
  • Suitable materials: concentrate masterbatch , filter, and compounding.


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